01 beauty.

Understanding the inner workings of the beauty industry is in twelveNYC’s core DNA. From reimagining packaging to elevating the GWP, our team has decades of combined experience in building meaningful relationships with a wide range of beauty clients. We are privileged to work with some of the world’s most recognized brands.

02 private label.

As an agency unbound to a singular identity, we have the unique ability of understanding how to create products that are sincere representations of each brand’s story. Our knowledge of consumer behavior paired with our creative prowess + sourcing abilities gives us the capacity to drive merchandise to counter that is as profitable as it is stylish.

03 promotional.

Stepping away from the promotional industry norms, we have reinvented the once-stale category with bold products. Whether it be influential marketing campaigns, company events, PR executions, influencer gifting or store openings, we’ve developed a fresh outlook on how to create and produce merchandise that transcends the dreaded “promo swag” (note: the use of the word “swag” is banned from our creative space).