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Product is our passion but so is our process. Our uniquely creative approach to each program — from our vast global sourcing network to our seasoned supply chain — creates a holistic, seamless experience that adds value beyond the end product.

We provide a vast array of solutions

    • Trend forecasting presentations
    • Curated decks and product renderings
    • Sustainable-driven design
    • Hand-drawn illustrations
    • Insightful creative direction
    • Pre-press and printing production
    • Industry trend reports
    • Packaging design specialists
    • Photography Production
    • Suppliers across Asia, Europe, the US, India and more
    • Extensive swatch library
    • Identify factory partners within global supply chain
    • Tech packs
    • Quick turnaround sampling
    • Cross-category understanding
    • Global copy language translation
    • Carbon emissions offset on 100% of international and domestic shipments
    • In-house sustainability team
    • Eco material swatch library
    • Environmental regulations testing
    • Sustainable pack out options
    • Official CarbonFund partner
    • European-based global compliance manager/team
    • Individualized QA/QC plan built for each project
    • Regular social and ethical factory audit reviews
    • Fulfillment and dropshipping
    • Risk management assessment
    • Global operations team act as thought partners
    • Shipping to over 80 countries
    • In-store activations and pop-ups
    • QR, AR and digital integrations
    • Influencer packaging
    • Kitting
    • Interactive packaging components
    • Enterprise-grade e-commerce platforms
    • Custom design-driven development solutions
    • Warehousing, OMS and other integrations
    • Virtual events and invites
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Let’s Get Started...

Our creative and dynamic approach is our value‐add. We have specialized creative teams that give us the dexterity to take your story over the finish line.

  • Full art department
  • Packaging design team
  • In‐house copywriting
  • In-house sustainability consultant and sustainable materials library
  • Global, cross-category trend forecasting services
  • Experienced, forward-thinking leadership teams on three continents
  • Creative operations teams to handle asset creation, e-commerce logistics, photoshoot production, visual merchandising, and more.


*Well, almost anything. twelveNYC has decades of experience and an extensive network of domestic and overseas factory partners who specialize in a wide range of products. With the right budget and timeline, we can take just about any vision you have and bring it to life. SEE WHAT WE MAKE

We understand that projects are often guided by unyielding budget feasibility. Producing innovative and interesting product at at both small and large volumes, within budget, is at the core of what we do. Give us a budget and we’ll work backwards from it.

The first step is easy: Tell us what you need. Once we establish intent, we jump into development, working quickly to bring each concept to life. As soon as final samples are approved, our operations team will take over and do what they do best — make sure full orders are produced and delivered seamlessly.

All projects are established by a timeline at the onset. With full operations teams in Brooklyn, London, Hong Kong and China, we have teammates working around the clock to ensure that development, production and transit stay on schedule.